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Top Reviewed Providers

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AmeriBase is both a data provider and a marketing service from Lighthouse List. It gathers business and customer behavior data to score leads and market to those leads. Their marketing service includes mail, e-mail, tele-m...Read more

4.7 (3) | Reviews (0) | Data Sets (4)
Established in 2013, the Arabesque Group is a leading global financial technology company that uses AI to measure companies' adherence to UN environmental and social standards. In addition, it measures the performance and ...Read more

4 (1) | Reviews (0) | Data Sets (2)
Founded in 2018 and headquartered in California, Andes provides regenerative agriculture data. In essence, it merges bacteria and seed integration with artificial intelligence to help farmers gain valuable market insights....Read more

0 (0) | Reviews (0) | Data Sets (0)
Administration of Cadastre of Real Estate is performed by 14 cadastral offices in regions and 94 subordinated offices, 80% of all activities in the sector of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre - ČÚZK)...Read more

0 (0) | Reviews (0) | Data Sets (2)
Creditsafe is a data provider specializing in B2B services. It provides geospatial, company, and other data for B2B sales and marketing campaigns. Additionally, Creditsafe runs international credit risk analyses and provid...Read more

0 (0) | Reviews (0) | Data Sets (1)
Delidatax provides cross-device, mobile app, customer segmentation, demographic, consumer lifestyle, and intent data. Online publishers use all this data to enhance their advertising so they don't have to use paywalls.

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